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What are EXE Errors?

EXE is short for executable and is the extension for an application in Windows. The EXE files are used to run programs in Windows. When EXE errors occur you are unable to run a program or application on your system and encounter an EXE error such rundll32.exe error.

What Causes EXE Errors?

There are three common major causes of EXE errors that can be listed as:

    • Malicious infections such as viruses, malware, and spyware.EXE errors can be caused by malicious programs such as viruses, spyware and malware by modifying the Windows registry to change file associations of EXE files and prevent them from executing properly. When this problem occurs, you cannot open programs or applications on your system until the EXE file is fixed. For an introduction to EXE errors related to malware, see our article “How To Identify and Solve EXE Errors Related To Malware.”
    • Invalid, broken, corrupt or out-of-date files or drivers.EXE files are used by different software programs and hardware components present on your computer. EXE errors may occur if there is any software compatibility issue or physical problem with your hardware or related driver.
  • Conflicting entries in the system registryOver time, large amounts of unwanted information gathers in your system registry, bloating your system registry by filling it with huge chunks of harmful and unwanted entries, which can generate EXE errors.

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Common Solutions

You can minimize the probability of EXE errors by using protective tools such as anti-virus and anti-spyware tools. These are your best bet against EXE errors caused by malware infections. Additionally, you can also choose to employ the services of a reliable registry cleaner to automatically scan and repair incorrect registry entries that might be causing EXE errors on your PC.