Is Agrsmmsg.exe A Safe File Or A Virus?

Agrsmmsg.exe is associated with AMR (audio-modem riser) modems and is mainly used to adjust settings for these modems. This process is used by your computer to communicate with the internal modem.

Although agrsmmsg.exe is not an essential process, you should avoid terminating this process, unless you suspect it of causing trouble on your PC.

File Information

Agrsmmsg.exe is a Microsoft signed file and is located in the folder C:\Windows or in a subfolder of C:\Windows\System32.? By default, this process loads automatically at system startup.

How To Make Sure Agrsmmsg.Exe Is Not A Virus Or Spyware

Although the true agrsmmg.exe file is safe, many malicious programs, such as viruses and spyware are known to disguise themselves as the agrsmmg.exe file in order to invade and harm your system.

Many times, writers of malicious programs give their files similar names as existing files and processes running on your computer. For instance, an unsolicited process may be present on your PC as aagrsmmsg.exe, aggrsmmsg.exe or agrrsmmsg.exe.

To view current processes, press ctrl+alt+del to open the Windows Task Manager, and click on the Processes Tab. Go through the list of current processes and see if you can locate any discrepancies.

Although helpful, the Task Manager has one drawback in that it does not show the DLL files that are currently running on your PC. Therefore, to check whether a malicious file is running as agrsmmsg.exe or not, you will need to search for files with the name agrsmmsg.exe and see where these files are located. If the files are not located at the correct location (C:\Windows or in a subfolder of C:\Windows\System32) then chances are that it is a malicious file and should be removed from your computer.

How To Correct Agrsmmsg.Exe Problems

Listed below are few pointers that will help you fix problems related to agrsmmsg.exe and other system processes that are infected with or planted by malware programs:

Scan Your PC Regularly For Viruses, Spyware And Other Malicious Programs

The best way to keep your system free from viruses, spyware and other harmful programs is to regularly scan it by using reliable antivirus and anti-spyware utilities. These utilities not only scan your PC and remove all malicious programs from it, but also prevent malicious files from gaining entry into your system in the first place.

Scan Your System’s Registry Regularly

Malicious programs often add a large number of embedded entries or alter existing entries within the registry, causing an increase in system errors and in some cases, even prevent your system from booting up. To prevent this and to maintain a healthy and compact registry it is important for you to regularly scan your system’s registry using an advanced registry cleaning tool, such as RegServe. A good registry cleaning tool allows you to scan and weed out malicious registry entries in just a few mouse clicks.

Update Your Computer Regularly

Operating system, software and driver manufacturers regularly release security updates to patch up any security vulnerabilities present in their products. Often malicious programs exploit these security vulnerabilities to gain access into your system. To make your system more secure, you must regularly update your operating system, software and system drivers with the latest security releases and patches. To keep your Windows operating system and other Microsoft products up to date you may keep the Automatic Update feature enabled. To easily ensure that your drivers are updated with the latest releases you can seek the help of user-friendly driver scanner tools, such as Driver Finder.