What Is Alg.exe? Spyware, Adware, Or A Virus?

What is alg.exe?

Alg.exe is a service that runs on your machine and allows you to connect to the Internet. ALG stands for Application Layer Gateway and is required if you use a third party firewall or ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) to connect to the Internet. Alg.exe is a component of the Windows Operating System and usually comes as a pre-installed software on your new PC.

Where is alg.exe located?

The alg.exe file is located in the Windows\system32 folder and is a safe file that is required when accessing the Windows firewall. Users should avoid killing this process inside the Task Manager, as doing so will make you lose the entire Internet connectivity. If you have accidentally stopped/killed the alg.exe service then restart your machine, at which point alg.exe service is automatically restored.

How to confirm that the alg.exe file on your computer is not a virus or spyware

Although many files are always stored in their default file location, some files may be moved to different locations and their names maybe changed if your computer is infected with a malware program. Therefore, if instead of having the correct alg.exe service, you suspect that you have a virus, adware or spyware on your PC then, first check for similarly named files stored in different locations. Additionally, you should also check your tasklist to see what is currently running on your computer. To see the tasklist press Ctrl + Alt + Del, this will open the “Windows Task Manager”. In the Task Manager click the “Processes” tab. This will give you the list of all processes running on your PC. Have a close look at the processes running and check for similar file names or slightly misspelled files, as this may indicate the presence of virus or spyware on your machine. For instance, alg.exe may be misspelled as aalg.exe, agle.exe, agl.exe or allg.exe to prevent you from finding the malicious file. If you notice any suspect files then you should check the location where these files are stored.

If you believe a false alg.exe file is present on your PC then we recommend that you do not disable or delete the file as these false programs often conceal themselves in saved files. An attempt to delete them may cause you to lose all the data in which they hide themselves. Instead, we recommend that you run a full system antivirus and antispyware scan on your machine to fix this problem. You must update your tools before running the update to ensure that you are protected against the latest malware. Also, to prevent these infections, you must take care to enable the real time protection feature of your security tools.

We also recommend that you regularly scan you system’s registry to avoid errors associated with exe files. You may use advanced registry cleaner tools, such as RegServe to do this. RegServe is a powerful but simple to use tool that allows you to fix registry errors with just few mouse clicks.