What is Ati2evxx.exe?

Ati2evxx.exe (ATI external event utility) is a program associated with the ATT video card, called ATI Hotkey Poller that brings up specific ATI utilities. This program is not a Windows critical file and most likely comes pre-installed on your PC. Ati2evxx.exe is a Microsoft signed file and not a Windows system file.

File Location

Ati2evxx.exe is located at %System%, where %System% is a variable that points to the Windows System folder. By default, for Windows 95/98/ME the location of this file is C:\Windows\System, for Windows NT/2000 the location is C:\Winnt\System32 and for Windows XP or windows Vista the location is C:\Windows\System32. By default, this process is loaded at system start up.

Known file sizes for ati2evxx.exe are 405,504, 376,832, 389,120, 397,312, 413,696, 380,928, 364,544, 393,216, 352,256, 425,984, 360,448, 409,600, 483,328, 368,640, 385,024, 434,176, 430,080, 401,408, 344,064, 323,584, 151,552, 446,464, 147,456, 450,560, 495,616, 319,488, 512,000, 110,592, 557,056, 254,037, 520,192, 294,912, 131,072, 118,784, 479,232, 561,152, 552,960, 254,043, 487,424, 311,296, 249,941, 573,440, 540,672, 282,624, 94,208, 155,648, 536,576, 348,160, 610,304, 585,728, 184,405, 249,943, 86,016, 303,104, 102,400, 438,272, 135,168, 159,744, 626,688, 81,920, 667,648, 655,360, 684,032, 454,656, 98,304, 254,039, 405,505, 692,224, 249,945, 491,520, 221,184, 606,208, 299,008, 593,920, 61,440, 565,248, 675,840, 643,072, 569,344, 254,041, 554,462, 581,632, 90,112, 544,768 and 262,229 bytes.

You can find entries related to ati2evxx.exe at the following locations within the Windows registry:


Problems associated with Ati2evxx.exe

Ati2evxx.exe is known to use a major portion of your system’s resources. At times, the file can use up to 85% of CPU resources. If you feel that this process is consuming too much of your system’s resources and is a deterrent to overall system performance, then we recommend that you disable the program. Disabling the ati2evxx.exe file is safe as doing so does not have much of an effect on the performance of the video card.

To prevent this process from loading automatically when your system starts, open the Start menu, select Run, type msconfig and then press Enter to open the System Configuration Utility. Here, on the Processes tab, locate and disable the ATIPTA process (ATIPTAXX is the task that starts ATI2EVXX process).

To permanently disable the ati2evxx.exe process, go to Start, select Run and type in services.msc. Scroll down to ATI Hotkey Poller, right-click on the value and then select Properties. On the General tab, set the Startup type to Disabled and then select Stop. Exit the Services window.

How to be sure that Ati2evxx.exe process that is running is not malware

Writers of malware programs, such as virus, spyware, adware etc tend to conceal their malicious files on your system by naming them something similar to existing system tasks. To view current tasks running on your machine, press Ctrl + Alt + Del to open Task Manager. Now open the Processes tab to view the names of all the tasks running on your computer. Go through the list and check to see if you see any similar names or slightly misspelled files. For instance, unsolicited files with similar names to Ati2evxx.exe, such as Atti2evxx.exe, AAti2vexx.exe or Atii2.exe process could be running on your machine. Also, remember to check the location of the file if you are concerned.

If you suspect that your system is infected with a virus then run an anti-virus scan on your PC to correct the problem. Also, scan your registry with help of advanced registry cleaner tool, such as RegServe to correct malicious, obsolete, incorrect and redundant entries.