How To Use Combofix.exe?

What is Combofix.exe?

Combofix.exe belongs to the ComboFix program that has been develop by sUBs to enable users to scan their computers for known malware and if found, automatically clean them. One of the main benefits of this tool is that the utility displays a report that can be used by trained helpers to aid you in getting rid of malware that the tool is unable to remove automatically.

Although useful, this is an advanced tool and SHOULD NOT be used unless you are asked to do so by a trained expert. Moreover, because this is a powerful tool, you must NOT take any actions recommended by the tool unless your activities are supervised by an expert. Otherwise, any incorrect edits may cause problems, which can affect the overall functioning of your computer.

How to use the ComboFix Tool

You may follow the steps below to download and use the ComboFix tool.

  1. To download the ComboFix tool, click here.
  2. When the File Download dialog displays, choose to save the file on your computer?you may save the downloaded file on your Desktop for easy access when required.
  3. After the download is complete, perform the following tasks before using the ComboFix tool to scan your PC:
    • Exit all Windows that are currently open on your computer.
    • To prevent interference, temporarily disable your antivirus, antispyware, firewall and other security tools that may be running on your computer.
  4. Now, double click on the ComboFix.exe icon on your Desktop to run the utility.Warning: When the program is running DO NOT click any where in the ComboFix window as that may stall the program. We recommended that you do not touch your PC at all during the time the ComboFix scan is on.
  5. In the Security Warning dialog box, click Run.
  6. ComboFix will prepare to run and then display a Disclaimer. Read the Disclaimer and if you agree with the terms, click Yes to proceed further. If you want to quit, just click No.
  7. If you click Yes, ComboFix will start to work by first creating a system restore point and then backing up your registry. This will help you restore your PC back to the original state if something goes wrong.
  8. Next, you are asked whether you have Recovery Console installed on your computer. If you don?t have Recovery Console installed, you can follow the instructions given by ComboFix to install Recovery Console on the computer. After Recovery Console is installed, click Yes in the message box displayed to continue.
  9. Now, ComboFix will disconnect your Windows PC from the Internet and then start scanning your PC for malware infections. The tool will also change your time format during scanning. All these changes will be restored after the scan is complete. You can go through various changes of the scan by reading the changes in the ComboFix window. After the scan is complete, a log report of the scan is prepared. Remember to not do anything on the PC while the process is running. The log is saved in the C:\ComboFix.txt file.
  10. After the process is complete, the changes made to your Internet connection and clock settings will be restored and the log file will be displayed.Now, if you were asked to run ComboFix by a technical helper in a forum, you may post this log as a reply to your topic. The helper will now analyze this log, identify problems with your PC, and tell you the steps to resolve them.ComboFix usually fixes most of the problems that are detected. Still, we recommended that you post your log in the forum for your helper to see. This will enable your helper to see if anything was left un-mended and enable you to solve the issue.As the risks associated with using ComboFix are quite high, if you are not comfortable using this tool, you may opt to seek the help of more user-friendly and efficient tools, such as STOPzilla Antivirus and Spyware Cease to detect and remove malware from your PC. You should also use a reliable registry tool, such as RegServe to scan and remove any malicious registry entries added by these viruses.