Dealing with ?SPRTCMD.EXE Not Responding? Error Message

The sprtcmd.exe file is used by many different software programs, including TalkTalk Assist & Go software, Qwest Update Utility, FastAccess DSL Help Center, BellSouth FastAccess DSL, Sonera Internet Avustaja, SupportSoft Amer_Motorola by SupportSoft, Inc and TeliaSonera Oyj.

File Information

The sprtcmd.exe is not a core Windows file and does not have any description. It is signed by Verisign and is certified by a trustworthy company. By default, the file is located in a subfolder within C:\Program Files. The most common file size on Windows XP is 192,512 bytes, but you may also find the file in the following sizes 202,544, 206,064, 198,184, 202,560, 198,704, 197,880, 198,800 and 527,360 bytes.

The sprtcmd.exe process starts when your PC boots up and you may find related registry entries in the following locations:


Due to its capability to monitor applications, sprtcmd.exe carries a technical security rating of 22% dangerous.

Fix Sprtcmd.exe Error

You may encounter the following error message when you attempt to shutdown your Windows XP PC:

SPRTCMD.EXE Not Responding

The sprtcmd.exe is not an essential process for your Windows computer. Therefore, you can safely remove the program. However, you must not do this by directly deleting the file. Instead, you must uninstall the related program, such as “DSL Help Center” or “SupportSoft Online Help Tool”. To uninstall the program, you must either use the Add or Remove Programs utility or a third-party program uninstaller.

If you don’t have a program related to sprtcmd.exe on your computer or if you find the file in a folder different from its default folder or if you find files with names similar to sprtcmd.exe on your computer, then it is quite likely that your computer is infected with a malware, such as a virus, Trojan horse, worm, or spyware.

So, if you suspect that your system is infected, you must immediately update your antivirus and antispyware tools, and then run a thorough full system scan to detect and remove all malware. As a precautionary measure, we recommend that you always keep the real-time protection feature of your antimalware tools turned ON. Also, you must take care to update the tools with the latest definitions on a regular basis. This will help you ensure a healthy, malware-free computer for a long time.

Several exe and computer errors occur if there is a problem with the related registry entries. To resolve this issue, you need to scan and repair your registry entries. Additionally, it is a good idea to clean up the entire registry and remove all junk data from within it. To do this, you may use a reliable registry cleaner tool, such as RegServe. Using this tool, you can scan, clean and repair your registry in just a few mouse clicks. The tool also enables you to compress and reindex the registry by defragging it. This helps in further improving the performance of your registry and as a result, enhances your system’s performance.