Delete the Devldr32.exe Driver or Virus

The devldr32.exe executable file is a part of the Creative Labs’ soundcard software. The file is required on systems with four-speaker system and is essential piece of software for the functioning of Creative Labs AudioHQ, Creative Mixer and audio input. Four speaker systems need the devldr32.exe file to enable, the rear speakers to work.

File Information

By default, devldr32.exe exists in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. The most common known size for the file on Windows XP is 24,064 bytes. You may also find it in 25,600, 25,088, 26,112, 38,912, 23,960 bytes sizes. Devldr32.exe is a core Windows and a Microsoft signed file. The file has technical security rating of 7%.

Devldr32.exe Driver Problems

The following are some of the issues that you may face:

  • High CPU usage by the devld32.exe file that slows down the PC a lot and also prevent proper system shutdown. The most common causes for this problem are old, buggy or corrupt drivers that prevent the process from working normally and as a result cause system slowdown problems.
  • Problems while connecting to the Internet. Some users say that devldr32.exe prevents them from connecting to the Internet. Although not much is known about the cause of this issue, it may be triggered either by a buggy driver or rogue software with a name similar to devldr32.exe.
  • Problems while using the CD-ROM drive to read or write files on it by using a CD burning software. This problem is usually caused if you have a virus file with the name same as or similar to devldr32.exe. This malware version is also known to create drive duplicates.

Users are divided in their opinion of the legitimate devldr32 driver. Some say that it is too much of a resource hog and should be removed from the system. Where, some say that devldr32.exe is a non-essential system process and can be removed if it is causing trouble, a few others are of the opinion that the file is essential to enable the soundcard to function properly and should not be deleted. It is usually found that the correct version of the devldr32.exe file does not eat up a lot of system resources.

Resolution Methods

Here are some of the solutions that you can use to fix the issues attributed to the devldr32.exe process.

Solution 1

If you are using Windows XP RC1, then you may perform Windows update to get new Sounblaster drivers from Microsoft andfix the problem. To perform that update, open Start menu and then click Windows Update.

Solution 2

If computer issues are due to corrupt or old drivers, download new drivers from the Creative Web site and install them to resolve the problems.

To ensure that all your drivers stay up-to-date, it is recommended that you use an efficient and user-friendly driver scanner tool, such as Driver Finder. Driver scanner tools are designed to automatically scan your PC for outdated drivers, check the Internet for available updates, and then install the most appropriate update on your PC.

Solution 3

If you are not using gamepads, you may even disable the Creative SBLive Gameport driver permanently to resolve the problems.

Solution 4

Start your PC in Safe Mode, and then remove devldr32.exe from c:\windows\system32\ and C:\Windows\system32\dllcache folders to stop the process from reappearing. Deleting the devldr32.exe permanently may prevent your soundcard from working properly. Therefore, use this method only if you have no other option.

Solution 5

This audio driver file may also exist in the Prefetch, Last Good and System32 folders. SO, if you want to completely remove the Soundblaster Live driver form your computer, first use the Device Manager to uninstall it, and then delete the file shells from the Prefetch, Last Good and System32 folder. Next, empty your Recycle Bin and reboot.

To prevent errors, such as these always keep your drivers updated. You can avoid performance issues if you have the appropriate drivers for your machine.? Scan your machine with a registry cleaner to root out leftover entries and prevent the re-occurrence of errors.

New malware appear everyday. Increase your security and protect your system and your personal information from malware attacks by using a performance proven antivirus scanner like STOPzilla Antivirus to get rid of malware like the rogue devldr32 file. Match it up with Spyware Cease’s anti-spyware to further enhance your protection.