How to Disable Tgcmd.exe

Is Tgcmd.exe a Spyware?

Tgcmd.exe is a legitimate executable file that is associated with SupportSoft’s Online Support software. ?The process is a component of remote support and management tools. This program comes bundled with the Sony Support Software for the Sony Vaio. This program is also used in computers made by IBM and Toshiba to provide technical support.

This file may also be installed when you run @Home ISP setup from CD. Note that both @Home and MediaOne are now a part of Comcast. This means that tgmcd.exe comes bundled with Comcast Support Software also. The tgmcd.exe program is a part of the Bellsouth DSL HelpCenter as well.

The involvement of ISPs has led some people to believe this software is used to monitor the computer activities of users. Due to which some users feel that tgcmd.exe is a spyware, and not a legitimate file.

The main task of the tgcmd.exe process is to allow @Home services and other system software to update automatically every time your PC comes online. The program also enables a remote technical support technician to have access to setup information of your computer. In some cases, the remote technical support technician can connect to your PC and see what you are doing on it.

Tgcmd.exe Problems

The following are some of the common issues that users with tgcmd.exe process on their PCs complain about:

  • Tgcmd.exe collects information from your system, such as Web pages you visit and files you download. The process also sees any permission-based data about your system along with the software installed and settings that you use. This intrusion to privacy is a cause of concern for several PC users.
  • Another task that the tgcmd.exe process does is to create a WININIT.INI file in the Windows folder. This file may prevent the Windows ME users from using System Restore, which is a valuable feature that helps in fixing your system in case of a problem.
  • Many users report that tgcmd.exe prevents them from clearing their browsing history in Internet Explorer.
  • The process may cause problems when you try to launch the Eudora Web browser.
  • “SDCSchedulerWindow” application error messages may display during system shutdown.
  • You may lose the ability to delete multimedia files like audio, video or graphics from the system.

Due to all these issues, it is often advised that you disable or remove the tgcmd.exe process on your PC.

How to Disable Or Remove Tgcmd.exe?

If you are a customer of Comcast, Sony Vaio or BellSouth, uninstall Comcast Support, Vaio Support Agent or BellSouth HelpCenter. You can do this by using the Add or Remove Programs utility that you can start from Control Panel. In case, you face any problem while uninstalling these programs, it is recommended that you use a reliable program uninstaller tool, such as Perfect Uninstaller to perform the removal.

Restart your system after uninstalling. If any one of the three files shows up when the PC starts, disable them by using the System Configuration Utility (msconfig).

Many malware programs are known to disguise themselves as legitimate Windows files and infect your PC. If you are suspicious that the tgcmd.exe file on your system is not legitimate or if have the file on your PC even if you don’t have any related software installed, it is recommended that you perform a thorough scan using efficient antivirus and antispyware tools to remove any infections.

Problems with EXE files may also occur if there are problems with the Windows registry. In this case, it is recommended that you use a robust registry cleaner tool, such as RegServe to perform registry scan and repair any erroneous entries.