Fix Hpcmpmgr.exe Shutdown Error

Hpcmpmgr.exe is the Hewett Packard (HP) Component Manager, and is a valid executable file from HP. The program comes pre-installed on most HP computers to support various HP printers such as Photosmart, HP Deskjet and HP All-in-One printers.

File Information

By default, the hpcmpmgr.exe ?file is located in the C:\Program Files\HP\hpcoretech\ folder. The most common size of the file on Windows XP is 241,664 bytes. It may also occur in 212,992, 221,184, 233,472, 27,660, 419,288, 21,504, and 25,600 ?bytes. The process makes the following registry entry that enables it to load at system startup:



Hpcmpmgr.exe Problems

The hpcmpmgr.exe shutdown error is one of the most common errors that you may come across when using HP printers and scanners.? When you shutdown your PC, a message is displayed informing you that all running programs are being closed even when there are no programs open. If you skip, an error message is displayed.

When the error occurs, the hpcmpmgr.exe process freezes and delays the entire shutdown process.

Cause of the Error

This error occurs when the hpcmpmgr.exe file is either corrupt or in conflict with other system components.

Resolution Methods

You may use the following methods to resolve the problem.

Method 1: Update your HP Software

  1. To begin downloading, in your HP software window, click the Download now button.
  2. In the File Download window, click Open to start the installation.
  3. InstallShield Wizard will be displayed to guide you through the installation.
  4. Restart the PC when prompted.

Updating usually fixes the error message, if it does not, the following error message is displayed:

Recommended update to resolve hpcmpmgr.exe and hpdarc.exe errors. There was an error while running the fix. Please try again.

In this case, update your HP software again. Also, if you ever uninstall and reinstall HP software, you may have to download the fix again. Most of the time, HP software automatically downloads these updates.

Method 2: Disable the Process from Loading and System Startup

To disable the process, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Start and then select Run.
  2. Enter msconfig.
  3. On the Startup tab, clear the hpcmpmgr.exe checkbox.
  4. Click Apply and then press OK.
  5. Restart the PC when prompted.

Exe files, such as hpcmpmgr.exe are often attacked by malware programs to infect your PC and run malicious codes on it. If you find that the hpcmpmgr.exe file on your PC is not in its default folder, or its size is different from known sizes, or the name of the file running is similar to this process, then it is quite possible that your PC is infected with a virus. In this case, use efficient antivirus and antispyware tools to perform a thorough scan of your PC and remove all malware from it. It is also recommended that you get a good registry tool, such as RegServe to scan and clean your registry.