Fix Lsdelete.exe Error

What is Lsdelete.exe?

Lsdelete.exe or Lavasoft Delete comes with the Ad-Aware2007 Beta update, which is related to the Lavasoft Boot Cleaner.

By default, the file is located in the C:/Windows/System32 folder.

Error Message

The following is the common lsdelete.exe error message that you may come across:

“lsdelete cannot find program cannot autocheck.”

The error displays at Windows startup. After displaying the error message, Windows may continue to load normally.

Cause of the error

This error message shows up when Ad-Aware that has been previously installed on the system is removed.

Repair the error

Solution 1: Use WICU To Cleanup All Lsdelete.Exe References

Microsoft Windows Installer CleanUp or WICU utility is a freeware tool that you can use to cleanup all reference of a program installed on your computer using the Windows installer.

If you have recently uninstalled Ad-Aware software from your computer, then download WICU and run it to clear all Ad-Aware references from the PC.

Solution 2: Reinstall Ad-Aware

If you want to use it or if you don’t mind having Ad-Aware on the PC, simply reinstall the software to get rid of the lsdelete.exe error message.

Solution 3: Delete Lsdelete.exe Entries from the Registry

Warning: This method involves a direct registry edit. Be sure to backup your registry before attempting this solution. You may backup either by using the Registry Editor tool or a good third-party registry tool, such as RegServe.

  1. Click on Start and go to Run.
  2. Enter regedit and then press Enter to display the Registry Editor window.
  3. On the upper left side of your registry editor, click Edit.
  4. Next, click Find.
  5. Search for BootExecute.
  6. Expand the BootExecute key.
  7. On the right-pane, manually delete the autocheck lsdelete entry. Make sure that this is the only entry you delete.
  8. Exit the registry editor and reboot.
  9. Lsdelete.exe related errors should go away now.

Computer errors due to inadequate removal of entries from the registry when a program is uninstalled are quite common. To prevent these errors, it is recommended that you scan and clean your registry after removing any program from your system. To clean the registry easily and efficiently, you may use an effective and advanced registry tool, such as RegServe. RegServe easily can identify and fix errors related to your registry.

You should also pair RegServe with a good antivirus program to protect your computer from infections. As malware comes in many shapes and forms, protect your PC even further by adding an anti-spyware tool.

Remember, prevention is better and cheaper than a cure in the long run.