Fix Pctstray.exe Application Errors

Pctstray.exe is the tray application for the Spyware Doctor and PC Tools Internet Security software.

File Information

Pctstray.exe, by default, is located within a subfolder of C:\Program Files. The most common size of the file on Windows XP is 1,103,240 bytes. You may also find it in 1,103,752, 1,101,192, 1,168,264, and 1,107,848 bytes sizes.

Pctstray.exe Problems

You may receive the following error messages at system boot:

"pctsTray.exe -
Application Error The exception unknown software exception (0x0eedfade)
occurred in the application at location 07c812a5rb."

"pctsTray.exe - Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point @Forms@TApplicationHelper@SetMainFormOnTaskBar$qqrxo could not be located in the dynamic link library vcl100.bpl."

"The procedure entry point GetArmadilloVariable could not be located in the dynamic library"

"Pcts Tray. exe Unable to locate component.
Failed to start because rtl 100.bpl was not found.
Reinstalling may fix problem."

Cause of the Error

This error usually occurs when there are problems with the files related to Spyware Doctor.

Resolution Method

The easiest way to resolve these errors is to uninstall Spyware Doctor, reboot the computer and then reinstall the software again. You may also opt to install an updated version of Spyware Doctor, if one is available.

To uninstall and then reinstall Spyware Doctor, perform the following steps:

  1. Exit Spyware Doctor.
  2. Go to Start and then point to All Programs.
  3. Look for and point to Spyware Doctor and select Uninstall.
  4. Uninstall Spyware Doctor.
  5. After the uninstall has completed, check if C:\Program Files\Spyware Doctor is still present on your system.
  6. Delete the folder if it is still there. Tip: One efficient way of completely removing software applications from your computer is to use an efficient program uninstaller tool, such as Perfect Uninstaller. A program uninstaller tool is designed to perform a thorough scan of your PC and get rid of any information and registry entry related to it to ensure complete program removal.
  7. After the Spyware Doctor removal process is complete, restart your PC and reinstall the application. Before reinstalling ensure that there is no problem with the installation files. Also, check the Spyware Doctor website for an upgraded version of the software. If it is available, it is recommended that you opt for the new version of the software.

Another point to consider is the number of antivirus programs you are running. Ideally, you must run only one antivirus program at any given time. If you are running PC Tools Internet Security software along with another antivirus program, you may experience incompatibility issues. These issues may significantly slow your computer down.

It is best that you select an antivirus program that you would like to keep and use.

Another solution to prevent high CPU usage is to disable auto update on Spyware Doctor. Instead, you can opt to manually download the updates when your PC is comparatively free.

However, if you have had just enough, it is best that you remove Spyware Doctor and opt for a more reliable and less resource-consuming antivirus and antispyware tools for your system.