Fix Rundll32.exe Problems

Rundll32.exe is a process that is used to run DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files and put their libraries into your system’s memory.

On a Windows system there are innumerable DLL files in every application folder. These DLL files store pieces of software programs that can be accessed from multiple applications. As these DLL files cannot be directly launched, the rundll32.exe process is required to launch the functionality stored in the files. Rundll32.exe is an important process and without it your system may become unstable and very slow.

File Information

Default location of the rundll32.exe is C:\Windows\System32. Rundll32.exe is a Windows system file. By default, this process is loaded at system startup. The most common size of the file is 33,280 bytes. You may also find the file in these sizes: 31,744, 44,544, 34,816, 33,792, 32,768, 32,256, 1,371,648, 1,254,400, 610,304, 537,088, 40,448, 61,952, 1,304,064, 143,872, 10,240, 10,000, 1,359,872, 36,864 bytes.

Rundll32.exe Error

On system startup you may receive the following error message:

"Windows cannot find C:\Windows\Rundll32.exe make sure you typed the name correctly and try again."

Cause of the Error

This error message can be due to following reasons:

  • Your rundll32.exe file is missing or has become corrupt.
  • A virus has destroyed your rundll32.exe file.

Resolution Method

Follow the steps listed below to fix this problem:

  1. Insert the Windows CD-ROM disk in the CD ROM drive.
  2. Click the Start button and then click Run.
  3. In the open box that appears, type expand cdDrive:\i386\rundll32.ex_ c:\windows\system32\rundll32.exe, where cdDrive is the letter of your CD ROM Drive.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Reboot your PC.

Many other Rundll32.exe errors may occur when Windows attempts to load a file but is unable to do so. The reason could be a missing or corrupt DLL file. Discussed below are a few steps that you can follow to correct rundll32.exe errors:

  1. Go through the current processes that are running on your machine and search for rundll32.exe program. To view current processes, press Ctrl + Alt + Del and then open the Processes tab in the Windows Task Manager that opens. If you see rundll32.exe process running and it appears to be using a lot of your system’s process then we recommend you end this process because it is likely to be an unsolicited program. To terminate the unwanted rundll32.exe process, highlight it and click the End Process tab.
  2. Rundll32.exe problems may occur due to incorrect or incomplete installation or removal of a program or an application. If you have installed a program recently and see a rundll32.exe error, then uninstall the program and reinstall it again. Similarly, if you encounter a rundll32.exe error after you have uninstalled a program, then reinstall the program and uninstall it again using legitimate methods.
  3. Scan your PC for virus, spyware, adware and other malware programs using reliable antivirus and antispyware tools. This is important because often these malicious programs delete, move or corrupt DLL files and generate rundll32.exe errors.
  4. Scan your Windows registry using an advanced registry cleaning tool, such as RegServe to remove incorrect and malicious entries within the registry, and to prevent and fix various computer errors.