Fix Sdtrayapp.exe Application Error

Sdtrayapp.exe is the Spyware Doctor Tray application, which is a component of PC Tools’ Spyware Doctor software.

File Information

By default, this file is located in a subfolder of C:\Program Files. There are several known file sizes for sdtrayapp.exe on Windows XP. The most common size is 810,576 bytes. You may also find it in 1,063,752, 1,065,800, 1,065,288, 1,058,304, 1,632,768, 1,053,264, and 651,784 byte sizes.

Sdtrayapp.exe Application Error

You may receive the following error message if your PC is running the Spyware Doctor software:

"SDTrayApp.exe-Application error
The instructions at "0x51f265c2" referenced memory at "0x01614e60". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program."

Clicking on OK will bring up another error message. This message reads:

"Runtime error 216 at 51F265C2."

A few other error messages are also known to be displayed when you click the OK button.

Cause of the Error

The issue seems to be related to legacy registry entries that are added by the Spyware Doctor 4.0 software.

Resolution Method

Warning: This fix involves direct modifications to the registry. You are advised to make a backup of the registry prior to making any changes to it. There is an inherent risk when the registry is edited. Should any issues arise from the edits, you can revert to the backup. Otherwise, the changes are permanent. You make the backup either by using the File > Export option in Registry Editor (regedit) or by using a good registry tool, such as RegServe.

You may perform the following steps to resolve the sdtrayapp.exe application error:

  1. Open the Start menu, select Run, type regedit and then press Enter to display the Register Editor window.
  2. Navigate to the HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run key.
  3. Delete any entry that has swdoctor.exe or SDTrayApp.exe.
  4. Now, navigate to go the HKEY-CURRENT-USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run key.
  5. Delete any entry that has swdoctor.exe or SDTrayApp.exe.
  6. Restart your PC.
  7. After Windows starts, launch Spyware Doctor by double-clicking on its icon on your desktop or by clicking its shortcut in the Start menu.You will receive the following message:
    "Spyware Doctor was previously enabled. Would you like to re-enable Spyware Doctor?"
  8. Click OK.

SDLoader will rewrite the startup entries and resolve the issue.

If Spyware Doctor continues to cause problems, it is recommended that you uninstall it and replace the program with another anti-spyware. To ensure complete removal of the software, you may use a reliable program uninstaller tool, such as Perfect Uninstaller. This is an efficient program uninstaller tool because it is designed to scan your entire PC and the Windows registry to identify any data related to the software you are trying to remove and get rid of it.