What Is Iapro.exe And How To Remove It?

What is iapro.exe?

The iapro.exe process belongs to a rogue antispyware program, called Internet Antivirus Pro. Advertisements of this dubious product are displayed on certain websites. These advertisements try to lure innocent customers into buying the full version of the malicious software by displaying fake error and warning messages on your computer.

Buying the full version of this rogue program not only results in loss of money, but also hampers your computer?s efficiency, as the program continuously generates fake error messages on the system.

Iapro.exe Startup Information

By default, the iapro.exe process loads automatically every time you start your system. If you find this process running on your computer, we recommend you take immediate corrective measures to completely get rid of this malicious process from your system.

To determine if the iapro.exe process is running on your system, perform the following steps:

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  2. Next, click on the Processes tab in the Windows Task Manager window.
  3. Go through the list of current processes and see if you find iapro.exe in it.

Does deleting the Iapro.exe file ensure its complete removal?

No, it doesn?t. When you start your PC after deleting the iapro.exe file, the process ?recreates? itself.

To ensure complete removal of iapro.exe file, you need to completely get rid of Internet Antivirus Pro, which is the program to which the file is associated with.

How to remove Internet Antivirus Pro manually from your computer

Perform the following steps to manually remove Internet Antivirus Pro from your system:

Step 1: Delete all the files associated with Antivirus Pro

Open the Windows Explorer and delete the following files

[%COMMON_STARTMENU%]\Anti-Virus-Pro\Uninstall Anti-Virus-Pro.lnk
[%COMMON_STARTMENU%]\Anti-Virus-Pro\Start Anti-Virus-Pro.lnk
[%COMMON_STARTMENU%]\Anti-Virus-Pro\Register Anti-Virus-Pro.lnk

Next, locate and delete the following folders

[%PROFILE%]\start menu\anti-virus-pro

Step 2: Terminate the process associated with the Antivirus Pro program

Open the Windows Task Manager window and terminate the following processes:


Step 3: Unregister the DLL associated with the Antivirus Pro software

Use the regsvr32 /u [DLLName] command in the Command Prompt window to unregister the following DLL file:


Step 4: Delete all registry entries associated with the Antivirus Pro program

Run the regedit32 command to access Registry Editor. Next, locate and delete the following registry entries:


Is removing rogue programs manually the recommended approach?

The manual removal process of rogue programs, such as Antivirus Pro, is tedious and requires sufficient technical knowledge. Deletion of one wrong file or process can cause serious damage to your system. Further, to ensure complete removal of rogue programs, one needs to delete all the associated files and entries, as these programs can recreate their processes if all their files are not removed.

The most simple and efficient approach of removing such programs is by using reliable antimalware tools, such as STOPzilla Antivirus and Spyware Cease. These antimalware tools not only completely remove harmful programs from your system, but also warn you when you unknowingly try to install rogue programs, like Antivirus Pro.