What is Mrhealthy.exe ? Is it a Safe file?

What is mrhealthy.exe?

The mrhealthy.exe process belongs to Norton 360 all-in-one protection software from Symantec. So, you are likely to have the mrhealthy.exe file on your computer if Norton 360 software is installed on your system.

If you use Norton 360, do not delete the mrhealthy.exe file or terminate this process, as this can make your virus protection unstable.

By default, the mrhealthy.exe file is located in C:\Programs\Norton PC\Checkup\executables folder.

Mrhealthy.exe ? CPU usage report

The mrhealthy.exe process only consumes a little portion of your CPU resources and is not known to clog your system or cause system slow downs. Besides low CPU usage, mrhealthy.exe also consumes less memory space when running. In fact, it only consumes 9 MB of RAM space when running.

Another plus point of this process is that mrhealthy.exe does not always run in the background. This process stays in sleep mode and runs only when required.

Mrhealthy.exe file is present even when Norton 360 is not installed

One plausible reason for this could be that you previously used Norton 360 and then incorrectly uninstalled the software. Incomplete or incorrect uninstallations of programs often leave behind leftover files. These leftover files, at times may interfere with other programs and cause errors.

Windows PCs come with a built in utility called Add or Remove Programs, which experts recommend should be used to remove or install programs. However, when it comes to protective tools, such as Norton 360, it is best to use another more thorough uninstaller program, such as Perfect Uninstaller.

Protective tools generally place their files deep into your computer and all its associated files and entries may not get removed through the Add or Remove Programs utility.

Many companies also create an uninstaller tool for their protective software. You can easily obtain the Norton 360 uninstall tool from the Symantec website and then use it to get rid of unwanted software.

Mrhealthy.exe virus/security rating

Mrhealthy.exe is a safe file and does not present any danger to your system. No malware is recorded to use a rogue file by this name.

However, malware programs are known to deploy harmful processes with names similar to legitimate processes to escape detection and prevent removal. For instance, a malware program may name its harmful process similar to the name mrhealty.exe, such as mrheallthy.exe, mrrhealthy.exe, or mrhelthy.exe.

If you suspect that a suspicious looking process is running on your PC, we recommend you perform an antimalware scan of your entire PC using reliable antimalware tools, such as STOPzilla Antivirus and Spyware Cease to get rid of any malware, if present on your system. As a vigilant user, you must ensure that your security tools are updated with the latest definitions on a regular basis. This helps secure your PC from the latest threats.

After removing the malware, also perform a registry scan using an efficient registry cleaning tool, such as RegServe, to remove any harmful entries that the malware may have added to your registry.