Remove the Tmpb.exe Virus

Tmpb.exe is a malicious process that gains entry into your computer without your consent. Once inside, tmpb.exe can inflict serious damage to your system. The Tmpb.exe file is associated with the malware group – Trojan-Downloader.

Tmpb.exe is a security threat and you should immediately take corrective measures if you find this malicious process running on your computer.

Tmpb.exe ? File Information

The file tmpb.exe is known to exist in following file sizes:

  • 88,576 bytes
  • 159,748 bytes
  • 72,192 bytes
  • 97,796 bytes
  • 92,672 bytes
  • 102,404 bytes
  • 86,020 bytes

The following file name aliases are known to be used by tmpb.exe:

  • B4.EXE
  • 6.TMP
  • BI.EXE
  • 14180585.GI
  • 278.TMP.EXE
  • 16E.TMP
  • 6.TMP.EXE
  • 76.TMP.EXE

The default location of tmpb.exe file is %temp% folder.

Note: %temp% is a variable that refers to the temporary folder. By default, for Windows NT/200/XP/Vista, it is C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Local Settings\Temp.

Tmpb.exe ? File behavior

Tmpb.exe is known to perform the following file behavior:

  • It uses hidden browser windows to connect to web sites without user?s knowledge or consent.
  • It creates errors and security warnings.
  • It creates, modifies, and/or schedules batch jobs on infected computer.
  • It runs Javascript codes and may open browser pop ups.
  • It creates and deletes other processes.
  • It can communicate with other computers via HTTP protocols.
  • It registers malicious Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files.
  • It adds a registry key to start programs automatically on system start up.

How to get rid of tmpb.exe virus

The quickest and most efficient way to remove tmpb.exe virus is to perform a malware scan on your entire computer using top-rated security tools, such as STOPzilla Antivirus and Spyware Cease. After the malware scan finishes, a report will tell you all threats found on your system. Remove all the reported threats to completely get rid of tmpb.exe virus and any other malware that appear in the Scan Result report.

Additionally, after you have removed the malicious tmpb.exe file, it is necessary that you perform a registry scan using a reliable registry cleaning tool, such as RegServe to remove any bad, corrupt, or invalid entries that the malware may have added to your registry.

How to identify malware processes running on the system

Often, users are unaware that their PC is infected until recurring errors start appearing. By then however, damage is already done to the infected computer.

To prevent this and to identify a malware process quickly, it is recommended that you schedule daily malware scans on your system. However, when it comes to dealing with malware, the best way is to prevent them from gaining access to your computer in the first place. To achieve this, install robust antimalware tools and keep them up-to-date with the latest malware definitions and security updates.

Furthermore, follow safe computer usage habits to prevent malware, such as the tmpb.exe virus, from infiltrating your system:

  • Install a Firewall.
  • Stay away from dubious websites.
  • Avoid using file to file sharing applications.
  • Perform a malware scan on any new software, files, such as audio or video files that you download from the Internet.
  • Read the EULA (End User License Agreement) before installing a new program or application.
  • Scan an external device, such as external hard disk before using it.

Always remember that the safety of your computer and your data is mostly in your hands. Take the required precautions and perform regular preventive maintenance to enjoy a malware and error free PC for a long time.