How to Remove Wzqkpick.exe From the System Tray

What is Wzqkpick.exe?

Wzqkpick.exe is the short form of WinZip Quick Pick and was introduced with WinZip version 8.1. The wzqkpick.exe process places an icon on your system tray for quick access to WinZip. You can also access recently open Zip files or Favorite Zip folders by right-clicking on the icon.

File Information

By default, Wzqkpick.exe is located in the C:\Program Files\WinZip folder. The most common size of the file is 118,784 bytes. Other known sizes of wzqkpick.exe are – 106,560, 122,880, 394,856, 177,364, and 415,072 bytes.

Can wzqkpick.exe be safely removed from startup?

Yes, and it is also recommended that you do so. By default, this process loads automatically when you start your PC. Wzqkpick.exe does not do much besides placing an icon for quick access to WinZip and its files from the system tray, enabling you to easily access the program by double-clicking the WinZip icon on your desktop or from the Start menu. Remember, all startup programs use some amount of system resources and it is wise to get rid of those programs that are not essential. To remove the wzqkpick.exe process from the startup sequence, perform the following steps:

  1. Double-click on the WinZip icon to open WinZip.
  2. Go to Options and select Configuration.
  3. Next, click on the Systems tab.
  4. Finally, clear the Include WinZip Quick Pick in the taskbar tray checkbox.

Is Wzqkpick.exe a Virus?

No, the genuine wzqkpick.exe file is safe and does not present any security threat to your system. However, having said that, writers of malware programs, such as virus, worms, Trojans, spyware, and adware deliberately give their malicious files similar names as many legitimate processes. It is prudent to be aware of the processes running on your PC. This list can be viewed by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and then by opening the Processes tab in the Windows Task Manager window. If more than one wzqkpick.exe process is running on the system, it indicates a malware infection. To remove the unsolicited wzqkpick.exe file, we recommend you perform a virus scan of your entire system using a reliable antivirus tool, such as STOPzilla Antivirus and antispyware tool, such Spyware Cease.

You can also remove the wzqkpick.exe virus manually.? To do this, you will first need to enable the Show hidden files or folder option.

  1. Double-click the My Computer icon to open it.
  2. Select Tools and then Folder Options.
  3. Next, open the View tab.
  4. Finally, under Hidden files and folders list, select Show hidden files and folders checkbox, and clear the ?Hide extensions for known file types? checkbox.

Now perform the following steps to remove the wzqkpick.exe virus from your system:

  1. Go to Start and select Search.
  2. Click All files and folders and search for wzqkpick.exe. The result will appear in the right pane.
  3. Go through the complete path of wzqkpick.exe files that the search results show. Remember the genuine file will be stored in its default location, which is the C:\Program Files\WinZip folder. Whereas, the wzqkpick.exe virus file can be present in any location.
  4. Browse to where the unsolicited wzqkpick.exe file is stored. Right-click on the file and select delete.
  5. If you are unable to delete the file, cut and paste it on your desktop.
  6. Rename the file and change its file extension from exe to something else.
  7. Right-click on the file and delete it.

After you have removed the wzqkpick.exe virus, it is recommended that you scan your registry using a reliable registry cleaning tool, such as RegServe, to remove any invalid, corrupt or obsolete entries that may have been added to the registry by this malware.