How to Get Rid of the Srv32.exe File

The srv32.exe file belongs to the W32.OPASERV.J.Worm. This malware is used by hackers to remotely enter your system and steal your confidential information, such as e-mail passwords, online banking details, and credit card details.

File Information

The malicious srv32.exe file is by default planted in the Windows system folder, C:\Windows\System32. It is mainly found in the 17,408 byte size. The other known sizes of this file are 56,211 bytes and 56,564 bytes.

Should I terminate this process?

Yes, you should. The process is a security threat to your computer and you should get rid of it as soon as you identify it running on your system.

The W32.OPASERV.J.Worm plants the srv32.exe file on your system and it has the ability to spread across open network shares. The presence of the srv32.exe file indicates that your system is infected. If you see the srv32.exe process running, we recommend you take immediate corrective measures.

The first thing you need to do is to run a thorough virus and spyware scan on your entire system using a reliable antivirus tool, such STOPzilla Antivirus and an antispyware tool, such as Spyware Cease. However, before you proceed with this process, there are a couple of things you need to remember.

  1. In case your system is connected to a network, you must disconnect it before proceeding with the scan.
  2. If you are using an Internet connection, disconnect your PC from the Internet.
  3. If you are sharing any files or folders over a network, disable sharing.

After you have successfully removed the Srv32.exe file from your system, it is important that you also run a registry scan. Malware programs deliberately fill the system registry with invalid, corrupt, and obsolete entries. We recommend you use an efficient registry cleaning tool, such as RegServe to scan the registry. It is a powerful tool that uses advance algorithms and removes all the incorrect entries or keys found in the registry.

Tips to secure your system against the W32.OPASERV.J.Worm

Discussed below are tips that will help you secure your system against the W32.OPASERV.J.Worm and other malware:

  1. Install an efficient protective tool on your system. Ensure that the tool you have selected provides real-time PC protection against various security threats.
  2. Update your protective tools regularly to ensure that your PC is protected against the latest security threats.
  3. Install a robust firewall on your PC.
  4. When sharing files or folders over a network, apply sharing only to specific files or folders that you need to share and not to the whole drive. Further, ensure that your shared files and folders are password protected.