What is Soundman.exe?

Soundman.exe is an executable file that is installed with Realtek soundcard drivers. The soundman process installs an icon on the system tray to make is easy for users to access diagnostic features of the Audio Sound Manager.

Where can you find soundman.exe?

Soundman.exe can be found in C:\WINDOWS\ on Windows 95/98/ME/XP and C:\WINNT\ on Windows 2000/XP. Note that Vista is not included in this list. However, the possibility that soundman.exe is located in C:\Windows\ is high. If the soundman file you see in your system is not located in either folder, be aware that the file may be a virus, Trojan or some other malware.

How can malware hide as soundman.exe?

Malware programs often disguise themselves using names similar to valid files. Users often miss these because the name used might be only one letter off. An example would be soundmon.exe. A user giving the executable a quick glance might easily overlook the misspelling.

How to avoid being bitten by the fake soundman.exe bug

Always scan your system regularly. Use recommended antivirus and anti-spyware programs for all your system scans.

Users are also advised to conduct regular registry scans to prevent registry bloat and the occurrence of potential errors. A clean registry can dramatically cut down on the occurrence of common application errors. Users can also scan their systems to pinpoint the source of errors. If a user is experiencing soundman.exe related errors, a good registry cleaner can point the user in the correct direction. A good registry cleaner will also fix several erroneous registry entries to ensure you of a more stable and error-free PC.

Is it safe to disable soundman.exe?

As previously mentioned, the function of soundman.exe is to merely place an icon on your system tray. If you have no need for the icon, this may be disabled at Startup. No harm will come to the system.

How to access soundman.exe

You can access soundman.exe from the Control Panel.

How to Disable or Remove Soundman.exe

To disable or remove the file from the system, follow the instructions below.

Method 1: Delete the Soundman.exe Registry Entry

  1. Go to Start and then select Run.
  2. Enter regedit and press Enter to display the Registry Editor window. If your computer runs Windows 2000, run regedt32..
  3. Navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run key.
  4. Delete the Soundman registry value.

Method 2: Disable the Soundman.exe Service from Loading at System Startup

  1. Go to Start and then select Run.
  2. Enter msconfig and then press Enter to display the System Configuration Utility.
  3. On the Startup tab, locate soundman.exe.
  4. Clear the check box to disable the service from loading at system startup.