Tmpa.exe Virus – How To Get Rid Of It

What is Tmpa.exe?

Tmpa.exe is a malicious process that enters your system without your consent. The tmpa.exe file is associated with the malware group ? Trojan-Downloader.

Tmpa.exe is a security threat and if you find it running on your system, you must immediately take action to remove this file.

Tmpa.exe ? File Information

The tmpa.exe file is known to exist in the following file sizes:

  • 86,020 bytes
  • 81,920 bytes
  • 93,700 bytes
  • 99,332 bytes
  • 102,404 bytes
  • 106,500 bytes
  • 126,980 bytes
  • 151,556 bytes

Tmpa.exe is known to use the following names:

  • 20.TMP.EXE.SCM
  • $R43GX0J.EXE
  • $RYB7708.EXE
  • 19.TMP.EXE.SCM
  • A4Y.EXE
  • 03994238.TXT
  • 05420011.EXE
  • 20.TMP

By default, the tmpa.exe file is found in %temp% folder.

Note: %temp% is a variable and points to Windows temporary folder. The default path in Windows XP/Vista is C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Local Settings\Temp.

Tmpa.exe ? File Behavior

Tmpa.exe is known to perform the following behavior:

  • It executes as a process.
  • It has the ability to delete and create other processes.
  • It is known to resist interrogation by security programs.
  • It successfully hides itself from user and security processes.
  • It adds a registry key to auto start when the system boots.
  • It has the ability to communicate with other computer using HTTP protocols.
  • It registers a malicious DLL file.
  • It can copy itself to multiple locations on an infected computer.

Tmpa.exe Error

When you start your computer or while you are working on it, you may receive the following error message

?Tmpa.exe has stopped working?

The above error indicates that your PC is infected with the tmpa.exe virus. To fix the error, get rid of tmpa.exe and all its associated files and registry entries.

Does deleting tmpa.exe file ensure its complete removal?

No, it doesn?t. To remove a malware completely you need to remove all its files, programs, and registry entries.

Even if you delete the tmpa.exe file manually and terminate the process, your PC will still be infected. As the information shared above shows, tmpa.exe can take various other filenames, can be present in multiple locations, and creates other processes on an infected computer. In addition to all this, tmpa.exe may also inject various entries into the registry. To completely remove the tmpa.exe virus, you need to get rid of all the instances of tmpa.exe file, its associated files, and registry entries. You cannot achieve complete removal of the tmpa.exe virus by just deleting the tmpa.exe file.

Further, it is recommended that you do not attempt to remove tmpa.exe virus manually. A mistake during its manual removal, such as deletion of an incorrect file, or removal of a valid registry entry may inflict further damage to your computer.

How to get rid of the tmpa.exe virus

To completely remove tmpa.exe virus, scan your entire computer using advanced security programs, such as STOPzilla Antivirus and Spyware Cease.

Furthermore, after you have removed the malware, scan your registry using an efficient registry cleaner, such as RegServe to remove any invalid or corrupt entries that the malicious tmpa.exe process may have added to your registry.