Unlock and Remove LaunchU3.exe

What is LaunchU3 .exe?

LaunchU3 .exe belongs to the U3Launcher software created by U3 LLC. This software provides proprietary method to auto launch applications from specially formatted USB flash drives. These USB flash drives are called smart drives and have the U3 Launchpad installed on them.

LaunchU3.exe copies and unpacks zip files on the host machine. This process also presents the user interface. Another file, autorun.inf, automatically launches the LaunchU3 executable if auto-run is enabled for your CD/DVD drive. LaunchU3 may also be configured to auto-run U3 drives even when the CD auto-run feature is disabled.

If you insert a smart drive into a PC, the LaunchPad.exe program runs automatically. If you click on the icon in the system tray, a user interface will appear along with the list of supported functions. You may add or remove programs and view program information. You may also be able to set the device to run automatically on Startup.

What are the problems associated with LaunchU3.exe?

Although this feature is quite handy, it is available only on newer Windows operating systems-Windows XP and Windows Vista. The feature is not available on older operating systems and other operating systems, such as Mac. LaunchU3.exe is known to cause various problems on Mac computers. The LauchhU3.exe found on Mac computer is usually locked and you can delete it if it is creating problems. To delete this file, right-click on the file, clear the check box that locks the file. Now, you should be able to delete the file.

One of the common issues that users report when using USB Flash drives is that when you insert the USB smart drive in your system, even though you are able to access the mass storage area, you are unable to access the U3 Launchpad features.

To resolve this issue, you first need to ensure that you really have the U3 smart drive with you. You start by looking at the packaging of the drive or the drive itself to see if U3 logo is present. If the packaging is not available, insert the drive in your system and then open Windows Explorer. If you notice an additional driver letter through which you can access the USB, then you have purchased the USB smart drive. You should find the LaunchU3.exe file here that will enable you to display the Launchpad.

In case, the drive letter for USB drive is not displayed, it is quite likely that you have purchased and ordinary USB drive and not a USB smart drive.

You may also encounter problems with the LaunchU3.exe file if the file is either infected with a virus or you have a malware file disguised as the LaunchU3.exe on your system. If you are suspicious, immediately use a robust antivirus scanner such as STOPzilla Antivirus to scan your PC and remove infected files from it. You should also pair this with another trusted anti-spyware utility like Spyware Cease.

The beauty of U3 enabled products is that they leave no trace on the host computer, not even in the registry. However, this does not mean that you can be complacent about your registry.

You should run a regular scan with a preferred registry scanner like RegServe to fix any existing error on your machine. A regular scan can also prevent the reoccurrence of errors. You don’t need registry errors to interfere with your computing. You can take the proactive step and repair them with RegServe whenever they occur.